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Providing consistently perfect products week after week, our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction are evident in everything that we do.   Whether you are a large-scale supplier, medium grocer or butcher, a restaurant  or caterer, Kent Heritage Farms customers have peace of mind knowing that we provide perfect product, every order. 

Our St. Davids production facility is fully compliant with the highest standards set by OMAFRA and is a poster-child for health, cleanliness and safety  compliance. All production areas, protocols and procedures are under constant video  surveillance.  We run a fully compliant traceability program and all of our products are 100% fully traceable back to their farm source. 

All of our products are all-natural and 100% drug-free (no hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals, no preservatives). Our renowned poultry products are grain-fed, free-run, authentically air-chilled and processed at the last federally inspected facility in Ontario to retain no less than four supervisors on site at all times, refusing to switch over to the automated self-auditing systems of other processing plants.  

Kent Heritage Farms products are available either in bulk cases or individually packaged, cryovac-sealed bags.  Farm-fresh or farm-fresh flash-frozen product available.  

Kent Heritage Farms Wholesale

Please direct all wholesale inquiries to: 


(O) 905-262-6021

(C) 905-658-3857

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